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Welcome to Bungadoo Breeze.

Our very first cabin customers happened to have a great drone, and some good skills in putting this video together for us. We appreciate the time and effort in making this video, saving it to USB and posting it to us. 

Close up and personal- Steve's Video.

This 40 second video was cleverly captured by Steve Jensen (our very own wildlife warrior!) in the Bungadoo section of the Burnett River. He gets up close and personal with a very large lungfish- not at all shy and not much bothered by the attention. 

Lungfish Viewing

This 30 second video gives you an idea of what you will see from the viewing area at Bungadoo Breeze. The Burnett River teems with life.

Drone flies high along the Burnett River, 2018

This video showcases the surrounding countryside of Bungadoo Breeze, the drone following the course of the river for 4 minutes.
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