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 Burnett River, QLD
Bookings Essential.
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Which Campsite is best for you? 

We want your experience here to be memorable, so it's important to have as much information as possible before booking. Here's the low down:
1. The 5 Campsites are not powered - $25 per night for single/couple (+$10pp o/5yrs). Max of 5 guests on 1 site.
2. We assume you are self-contained and reasonably fit.  
3. We assume you love dogs. 
4. Each campsite comes with it's own movable fire pit. Firewood can be purchased at $10 per wheelbarrow load. 
5. Buy free range eggs when available. 
6. Hire out the camp oven for an authentic campfire meal. ($5 pn).
7. Ask what fruit & vegies are in season - we have multiple fruit trees and a good sized vegetable patch for organically grown leafy vegetables.
8. Check-in 2pm and check out out by 10am unless otherwise arranged.
9. You are welcome to bring your kayak/s. Tony can help you get your kayak down to, & up from the river, with his Torro workmate vehicle.
10. You may hire our 2 person canoe or (2) single kayaks for a morning or afternoon. ($10) Please arrange with Pauline.
11. The river is superb for swimming (unless its flooded). On this bend, it is shallow and sandy. Beware of snags. Do NOT dive or jump into the river. A short walk with 8 steps and a gradient is required to get to the swimming spots. 
12. There are 2 walks - the river path takes you along some of the 340m of the property's riparian zone. The gully walk you will orientate with pink flagging tape attached to the trees. It starts where the bins are situated. 
13. There is no wheelchair access. 
14. There is plenty of parking at each site. The sites are large and open. Use your car to add privacy.
15. River water is available at 2 taps - one at the shower, one at the garden bed.  This water is not suitable to drink.
16. We have supplied you with a long drop toilet, just in case... Please do not use it as a dump site.
17. Sites are large enough for the biggest bus or rig. 
18. Sites are slide through - no need to unhook. 
19. Sites are fairly flat. You may need to do a little levelling with your set up. 
20. Sites are a mixture of grass and dirt, depending on the weather. 

SITE 1 - The River View

Suits large van, bus, motorhome, 5th wheeler. Sunny, breezy, open NE site, river views. Drive-through site, fairly level. Closest to river path. Make your own shade.

SITE 2 - Shady River View 

Suits caravan, campervan, camper trailer, tent or car. Faces North. Shady, sheltered, private outlet overlooking gully & river. Close to tap, & river path. Very level. Popular  in summer, great for dogs

SITE 3 - Gully Junction

Suits small van, campervan, trailer or tent. NW facing, private, sunny with afternoon shade, great for dogs. Close to tap, toilet & shower. Amazing birdlife. Needs levelling. Not suited for a drive-through.

SITE 4 - Shady  Pines

Suits long rig, large camper set-up, big bus, or unhooked caravan & car. Faces east. Nestle into the pines for lots of afternoon shade. Protected, private. Very level site. 

SITE 5 - River & Gully

Suits A-vans, campervans, small vans. Faces SE. Protected from the winds, with a great river view. Levelling needed. Great site for dogs - close to bush & gully. Plenty of sun. 


Explore the river by canoe/kayak.
Skinny- dip at the private swimming hole.
Watch out for platypus, turtles, water dragons & lungfish.
Bird-watching. Star-gazing, Bushwalking. Dog-friendly.

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