Cabin Hire  & Campground

 Burnett River, QLD
Bookings Essential.
Ph/Txt 0422 416 775

Contact Us

There are a few ways to contact us.

Text/call Pauline on 0422 416 775.


Your Hosts, Tony and Pauline
We are located at 31 Galeas Rd, Bungadoo. Queensland. Australia. 4671
(comes off Snake Creek Road - look for this sign at the gate).
Bookings are essential, as we have limited places.  
Prices are per couple/single. 

The 20-acre property has the original homestead, (our home) 
Because of its natural beauty, it is managed with sustainability and environmental protection in mind. 
We only farm the notion of getting back to basics. Water is not fluoridated. Fruit trees are not sprayed. Deadwood is left to decompose and provide habitat. No traps. No poisons. No heavy 4 legged footprints. We encourage a healthy riparian zone. Not one tree was affected by the uncovering of the river walk.
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